Professional and Specialised Support to the people engaged in Early Years of children

Smart Steps Institute provides professional and specialised training and certification support to all Practitioners and Staff in the area of early childhood education, care and development. Smart Steps Institute offers pre-service and in-service training programs to Preschool Managers, Principals, Teachers, Caregivers, Day-care Staff and Parents.  We also promote women edupreneurship.


Early Years experiences – from birth to age 8 – have enormous impact on  the children’s lifelong learning and positively contribute to their health, education and development.


The rapidly changing social context, an increasing aspiration for quality education, a globally emerging realization of the importance of the early years, changing socio-economic role of women – all these have important consequences for what is expected of those who work with young children.

Trained and Skilled Human Resource for ECED: It is not the qualification per se that has an impact on child outcomes but the ability of better qualified staff members to create a high-quality pedagogic environment that makes the difference. The practitioners’ ability to create rich, stimulating environments in preschool is endangered when staff have inadequate, insufficient or incorrect content and pedagogical knowledge. When trained on matters related to early development and care, staff can better develop a child’s perspective; are better able to integrate playing and learning into practice; have increased ability to solve problems and develop targeted lesson plans; and have an improved vocabulary, which stimulates early literacy development. However, pre-service professional and specialised education and training does not guarantee greater effectiveness; ongoing training and education are also equally important.

Informed Parents and Family to nurture children development: the family is the first and most important contributor to any child’s development. Most of the parents do not know much about different aspects of parenting and therefore unable to engage meaningfully in the process of development and learning. Thus Smart Steps Institute support parents while they are nurturing their children. This is done through contextual tips, guidance, material, events and activities with children at home.